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Changes in Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Jonathan Solomon talks about the evolution of laser vision correction to all-laser LASIK, premium cataracts and more.

Well, it's funny that you mentioned that. This conversation came up in the midst of surgery today, just the way things have evolved. You can look at it in other aspects of just day to day life. How about LEDs? The ability of not dealing with incandescent bulbs?

Well, those same type of evolutions have taken place in eyecare, specifically. The advantage of, say, minimally invasive vision correction surgery to avoid some of the complications that certainly do arise with regard to, say, contact lenses or the ability to address an individual who is having cataract surgery but offer them an opportunity to address their astigmatism or address the ability to have glasses-free vision at both far and near. It really expands even beyond, say, refractive surgery into retina care and glaucoma care. We do our bit in those arenas, as well. We're certainly happy to offer what are considered minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, so we're not putting in, say, a hole in the eye, which is what was previously done just as recently as 15 years ago. Things evolve very rapidly in medicine and I certainly have seen those changes take place in ophthalmology, as well.