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Information About Cataracts Services

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Cataracts develop as the proteins in the lens of the eye start to degrade, which happens to everyone with age and due to other environmental factors.

The Apthera™ IOL is a replacement lens exclusively designed to give you clear, focused vision from near to far, and everything in between.

In micro-incision cataract surgery, an extremely fine diamond blade creates the incision through which the natural lens is removed and replaced.

Laser cataract surgery utilizes cutting-edge technology to place and make the tiny, precise incision necessary for removing and replacing the lens.

Intraocular lenses are artificial lenses used in cataract removal surgery to replace the cataract and restore or even improve the patient's vision.

The Light Adjustable Lens is an alternative option to IOLs during cataract surgery in order to achieve customizable, clearer vision results.