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Getting Started in Ophthalmology

Dr. Jonathan Solomon talks about his journey to becoming an eye surgeon and the importance of serving the vision needs of his community in Bowie, MD.

My interest in ophthalmology started really young. My father is an ophthalmologist, my mother is a physician as well, and they used to work together. So my exposure to surgery started at a very young age, certainly as a family member of two physicians. And it really just developed from there. Going into medical school, I was really interested in surgery to start off. And ultimately what happened is I looked at just about everything else to make sure that I wasn't going to follow Dad. But in reality, it turns out that it combined to everything which inspired me. The interest came out of microsurgery, which I liked immensely. The ability to maintain relationships with patients over multiple years and sometimes even generations was particularly appealing. And then the final piece of it, which I really, really liked, is it allowed me to then expose my children to something that potentially may become something they enjoy when they grow up.

Well, the community's everything. I mean, my father has been here for 50 years now, and so at least we recall, or he certainly recalls, when it was farmland everywhere. And he was very happy being the local eye doctor and being able to relate to patients. So our community is everything, whether it be here in our Buoy location or in our Greenbelt location, and even the patients that we serve in our Rockville and in Tyson's Corner offerings. It really means a lot for us to be able to kind of reach out and be part of that community.