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How Vision Correction Changes Lives

Dr. Jonathan Solomon talks about how LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures change lives.

I'm often times asked, "Well, have you had the surgery," because I don't wear glasses. I've just been blessed with very, very good vision. And again, it's very difficult, dare I say impossible, to replicate that. But, what I will tell you is that we are taking someone who is in glasses or in contacts, and bringing them as close to independence as you possibly can through surgery. And I think it speaks volumes really, just to consider that in many instances, we will have patients who come in and they will be tearful on their first postoperative visit because of that independence that's been achieved.

So, for me to express to you the emotional relief, I can't speak personally, but I can tell you I've seen the outcomes. I've seen patients come in overjoyed with their vision in such a short period of time. And what's probably more important than just being able to deliver that vision, is maintain that vision. We perform not only laser vision correction, but we perform cataract surgeries. We expect to see these patients over the course of their lifetime, to be able to not just give them good quality vision, but maintain good quality vision. I think that's also a big difference between our practice and some of the others.