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Patient Care at Solomon Eye Associates

Dr. Jonathan Solomon talks about the importance of focusing on patient care and experience.

Admittedly, what I'll say is it starts from just creating and starting the process through making a phone call. We have a wonderful team that is able to receive your information, provide it to my clinical team, then offer certain surgical techniques. In many respects people hear LASIK, and it's just like branded for Kleenex. These are just one way to make a person see well without depending on glasses as much as they previously did. At the base, what we're really talking about is precision. We have a good team that's going to be able to take necessary information to one, decide whether or not you are a candidate.

We then further that evaluation through very precise, detailed clinical examinations, diagnostic tools, and then we'll put you under the microscope and make sure then looking directly at your eye, is there anything else that may make you somebody who's not going to achieve the goal that you're trying to ultimately end up with? If that is indeed the case, then we're not going to necessarily schedule you for surgery. But, for the lucky few who we find really do achieve what they want, we want to make sure that you get that goal and we are very, very good at doing that.