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The Safety of Laser Vision Correction

Dr. Jonathan Solomon talks about the safety of LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures.

Considering the number of patients on an annual basis who are undergoing vision correction surgery, I think that probably speaks for itself. I mean there is definitely an inherent concern and I think it really bears out because of lack of understanding or a lack of awareness. And when you consider the aspect of, again, getting back to this idea of comparison to other correction procedures, contact lenses, there is a lifetime risk that is far higher say with a contact lens than it is for vision correction surgery. But to be more specific as it relates to the surgery itself, we're talking about a five to 10 minute procedure where we're really using extremely precise technology and high powered antibiotics to avoid the complications in order to allow somebody to achieve freedom. And I think that's really what this is about, is trying to enhance someone's quality of life through vision.